The World's Shortest Interview With Matthew Morrison

MatthewMorrison225.jpgLast night, Fox hosted a party in Pasadena for the TCA Press Tour and nearly all of the Glee cast members stopped by (except for -- cough, cough -- Lea Michele). It was a feeding frenzy for the nation's television journalists and when Matthew Morrison appeared at the event, like Fox-branded chum being thrown into violent waters, he was immediately swarmed by critics wielding tape recorders. Movieline braved the chaos and came out with the world's shortest interview with Matthew Morrison ever. Enjoy, though be warned: White-rapping was discussed.

Ryan Murphy has given your character some breathing room during the second season so far. Can we expect to see more Schue-related storylines moving forward?

They're writing me out of the show. No, it's interesting because it's such a huge cast. I know that Ryan really loves this Kurt storyline so that's taking a lot of airtime. I think it's such a great story to tell so I love it as well. You know, honestly, it's nice as an actor being part of this show and having a couple days off here and there. It's not a bad thing in my opinion.

What do you think about the criticism about Mr. Schuester's white boy rapping?

[Joking] I don't know what you're talking about.


Matthew Morrison, ladies and gentleman! Look out for more substantive TCA interviews coming up later this week.


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