Russell Crowe Appears Confirmed For RZA's Kung-Fu Film

russell_crowe_ink.jpgBesides the exciting news that Wu-Tang Clan member and martial arts-aficionado RZA's Kung Fu film The Man with the Iron Fist was actually beginning production in China, there hasn't been much to report on the project. The fact that co-writer Eli Roth stepped on as producer along with Quentin Tarantino seemed like a forgone conclusion and the cast of Lucy Liu, Daniel Wu and Byron Mann more or less made sense. But finally, a bombshell of sorts: Russell Crowe appears confirmed to star in the film.

According to Film Business Asia, Crowe and RZA will both play inhabitants of Feudal China who are "forced to defend themselves," presumably against Kung-Fu warriors.

That's all we have in the way of a synopsis, but the way I see it, this casting could go one of two ways. The first involves Russell Crowe doing old-school Kung-Fu, which sounds amazing precisely because it makes about as much sense to me as Michelle Pfeiffer playing Chris Pine's mother. The other, more boring possibility is that Crowe will play some sort of European settler who fights exactly like Russell Crowe might in real life, and finally masters one Kung-Fu move by the end of the movie.

If it's the former, then count me in! If it's the latter...Oh hell, I'll probably see a martial-arts movie directed by RZA regardless. But chime in with your own guesses and thoughts in the comments.

[Film Biz Asia via Twitch Film]