Please Help Find Tom Hanks's Rapping Son Chet a Better MC Name

chethanx225.jpgTom Hanks's son Chet, a proud Northwestern University student (just like Mamie Gummer!), is an even prouder rapper. The undergrad's Facebook bio claims "his nights consist of absolutely murdering tracks, and living what he is really spitting," and I cannot call shenanigans there. I do, however, protest the MC name "Chet Haze." Listen to his rhymes and help offer new names after the jump.

And now, we need your suggestions for a new handle. You may not use:

· Box o' White Chocolate [First single: "(You Never Know) Whatcha Gon Get"]

· Joe Volcano

· Hooch Turner

· Cryin' in Baseball

· Poisoned Waterhole

· Hanx

· Wilson

Help us, please.

Tom Hanks's Son is a Frat Boy Rapper [Gawker]