New Battle: Los Angeles Trailer is Scientifically Accurate... More or Less

Last week's apocalypse hype frenzy died down a bit in the last few days, but Hollywood's here to pick up the slack! According to the latest Battle: Los Angeles trailer, aliens will be invading in the near future to wipe out our species and harvest our natural resources. Go ahead - buy a big tub of popcorn and laugh it up, but keep in mind that recent scientific evidence totally backs this premise.

Yep. Two days ago an article went reporting on a study which concluded that if aliens exist, they probably do want to kill us and harvest our resources.

Either we're alone, or any aliens out there are acquisitive and resource-hungry, just like us. These two unpalatable options are pretty much the only possibilities, according to the new study. That's because evolution is predictable, and alien biospheres should thus produce intelligent creatures much like us, with technological prowess and an ever-increasing need for resources.

Stephen Hawking even backs up this hypothesis! And two days later a new Battle: Los Angeles trailer hits complete with a voice over about aliens eradicating "indigenous populations" for their resources. Nice job, Columbia Pictures marketing! No word yet on whether director Jonathan Liebesman is busy shooting an new intro where a huge number of birds and fish suddenly die.

The only tiny catch is that the rest of the article suggests that while aliens would probably kill us for our natural resources, that it's much more likely that they just don't exist. Science: Still no fun at all.

Oh right, the trailer. It's super-slick just like the last two and you actually see a little bit more of Aaron Eckhart and Michelle Rodriguez this time around. The aliens stay mostly hidden, but from what I can tell, they look a lot like Transformers. Lots of things explode.

Verdict: Sure!

·Study: If We're Not Alone, We Should Fear the Aliens [Live Science]


  • TurdBlossom says:

    Who needs aliens? Chances are the next big war will really be over Natural Resources with one of these pesky countries with an emerging middle class.