Late Night Highlights: Javier Bardem Insults Conan's Hair, Debuts His Woody Allen Impression

LateNight11211.jpgYou might not think that the thickly accented Javier Bardem would be able to pull off a convincing Woody Allen Impression but he can -- and did -- on last night's Conan. He also mocked Conan's hair, a daring move for someone who sported a bowl cut for an entire film. Elsewhere, Stephen Colbert suffered from Bieber Fever, Vince Vaughn talked skydiving, and Colin Firth told Jon Stewart how to play a stuttering king.

4. Skydiving with Vince Vaughn

On last night's Late Show, The Dilemma star Vince Vaughn told David Letterman about his time falling 3,000 miles into Chicago.

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