Brad Pitt's Big Pink Prank, and 6 Other Stories You'll Be Talking About Today

pitt_225.jpgAlso in today's edition of The Broadsheet: Pitt's other movie gets a U.S. distribution deal... a Green Hornet star goes to jail... Lou Reed opens up about his filmmaking debut... the 3-D porn channel you always (?) wanted... and more.

· Brad Pitt reportedly played a prank on Moneyball co-star Jonah Hill that involved painting his golf cart pink, adding the likenesses of Wham! duo George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley, and rigging the gas pedal to play "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go" every time it was applied. Their co-star thought it was hilarious. You, being the discriminating, unapologetic Wham!/George Michael fan that you are, want that golf cart. [Us Weekly via Videogum]

· Speaking of Pitt, his indie heist drama Cogan's Trade struck a distribution deal with The Weinstein Company. No release date is set. [Deadline]

· Green Hornet co-star Edward Furlong was briefly detained Tuesday for violating the terms of a restraining order obtained by his estranged wife Rachael Kneeland. That guy! Always going the extra mile to promote a film. [TMZ]

· Red Shirley, Lou Reed's short documentary about his 101-year-old socialist aunt, is finally reaching audiences. Here's the back story. [WSJ]

· You wanted a 3-D porn channel, you got a 3-D porn channel. Just don't move while you're whacking it or the images might go unsexily awry. [CrunchGear via Cinema Blend]

· Here's an intriguing list of 10 films you may not have known were allegories. Or maybe you did know, but always sought the definitive college research papers to prove it. [AOC]

· About that time George Kuchar filmed the inside of Nicolas Cage's apartment: Now there's video. [Badass Digest]