And Then Stanley Tucci Hosted a Wine Talk Show with Guests Patricia Clarkson and Penn Badgley

How's this for random: Beginning in April, noted actor Stanley Tucci will regularly moderate a talk show about wine for national public television. The Burlesque actor has already filmed a few episodes of Vine Talk, in which he drinks and chats about wine with celebrity friends including John Lithgow, Nathan Lane, Jennifer Coolidge, Cheyenne Jackson and Easy A co-stars Patricia Clarkson and Penn Badgley. Click through for the show's highlight montage, which includes liberal shots of Stanley, Patricia and Penn laughing while swirling merlot.

On second thought, this still isn't as random as Bill Murray crashing strangers' karaoke parties. It's also awesome. Cheers!

[via Pop Candy]


  • pinkyt says:

    This looks like something I might actually watch - sort of like "Dinner for Five" but (thankfully) without being subjected to various members of Team Favreau.
    Wait, Public Television still exists?