Where Does 'This is For All the Tostitos' Rank on the List of All-Time Terrible One Liners?

Well, they all can't be, "Do you believe in miracles?" Sports fan or not, you're going to want to watch what happened at the end of the BCS Championship Game between Auburn and Oregon -- which Auburn won on a last second field goal, 22-19 -- if only because it might have featured the worst one-liner in the history of humanity. Seriously. Worse than even Arnold Schwarzzenger throwing a knife through a guy in Predator, and saying, "Stick around." The guilty party was Brent Musburger, the title sponsor of the game was Tostitos, and let's just say this one will be remembered for all the wrong reasons. Click ahead for the carnage.

Breathtaking. Anyway, this happened. As did Auburn's National Title, which will forever be under scrutiny because of the potential recruiting violations surrounding Ray "Voodoo" Tatum Cam Newton. Sports!


  • metroville says:

    Watching that clip, you half-wish that everyone present in the stadium--players and fans--would have somehow heard what Musburger said and reacted with a massive outpouring of awkward silence and then just left.

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