Golden-Voiced Ted Williams Detained by LAPD

tedwilliams_today_120.jpgLet's hope this isn't the beginning of the end to the feel good story of 2011: The LA Times reports that Ted Williams and a unidentified family member "were detained after police were called to the Renaissance Hotel on a disturbance call" on Monday night. The Kraft pitchman -- and future Jack Nicholson co-star -- was released after questioning, and it's unclear whether any arrests will be made as a result of the call. [LAT/L.A. Now]


  • The Winchester says:

    Your move, Susan Boyle...

  • Anonymous says:

    I hate to be THIS guy, but some people are homeless because they do not possess the social skills or the functional intelligence to operate within societal norms. Some people can't hold down a job, can't pay bills on time (or at all), can't maintain a habitable residence, can't interact with the general public, etc...some people just can't do it. I'm not judging it (nor am I judging this guy in particular), I'm just saying it

  • metroville says:

    Or: Charlie Sheen.

  • NP says:

    I'm not going to be THAT guy (see above), but I just don't want to hear about Ted Williams anymore. I realize it's natural for the media to latch onto an inspirational (though less so now?) story such as Mr. Williams', but in a way doesn't their doing so only underscore how little attention homelessness gets in mainstream media? Yeah, I'm happy this guy got a second chance, but let's not all pat ourselves on the back about it and get all warm/fuzzy, okay? There are hundreds of thousands of people living in the streets who don't get a second chance (or a 2nd glance from you or me or any TV station, newspaper, or blog).

  • Jane Doe says:

    You should be ashamed of yourself for reporting this non-news item. If no arrest was made and you don't even know what the issue was, then where's the story? You could easily drum up irresponsible controversy and get this man out of a job! How uncool that would be. If he does something criminal, that's one thing, but just to drag his name in the news because of some supposed disturbance where no arrest was made is irresponsible reporting. Hey everyone, speak out when you see irresponsible coverage. This is why citizen journalism is replacing "some" so-called professionals.

  • THAT guy says:

    I think the thing the media isn't quite getting (or is conveniently ignoring) is that MAYBE Ted Williams, despite his golden voice, is homeless because he's not quite functional. Some people just have rotten luck, sure, but other people contribute to their own misfortune, however unwittingly.
    re: LAPD, Ted Williams is still inside the 15-minute honeymoon window, so he's getting a break, but ask yourself this: if you're Cleveland Cavaliers management, how many 'incidents' of this type are you really going to put up with? He hasn't been with the team a month and he's already on the police blotter. In any other circumstances, that would be a pretty serious thing, and by 'serious thing' I mean 'cause for termination.' You can't have the face of the team on the evening news for sh*t like that.