'Does Superman Get His Ass Kicked?': The Story of Phoenix Jones Reaches Logical Next Step

Remember when we told you about Phoenix Jones, the Seattle citizen superhero who, like a real-life Kick-Ass, dressed up in a costume to fight crime and protect the residents of his fare city? Well, like Kick-Ass, he recently got the crap beat out of him. "Does Superman get his ass kicked?" one detective rhetorically asked a reporter for SeattlePI.com. "These people should not be called superheroes."

Jones was apparently attacked over the weekend while breaking up a fight.

Jones told KOMO the altercation that injured him happened Saturday night near Fifth Avenue and James Street. Jones, who said he was breaking up a fight, called 911 and put one of the men in a headlock and waited for police, KOMO reported.

Another man pulled out a gun seconds later and when the superhero let go of the man he was holding, that man kicked him in the face and broke his nose, Jones told KOMO.

Jones insisted the attack wasn't a big deal, and that he and other superheroes are much better prepared for confrontations than average citizens.

Except for the prepared part. Seattle Police officials say no report has been filed over the incident, but they continue to stress that Jones and his amateur Justice League should leave the crime fighting to the crime fighters. Seems like good advice, but don't expect Jones to take it: "I endanger my life with a reason and a purpose," he said. Godspeed, Phoenix.

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