Babycall Teaser: Noomi Rapace Takes on Baby Monitor of Doom

Noomi Rapace is currently set to explode in the United States. The star of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series has already been cast opposite Robert Downey Jr. in the Sherlock Holmes sequel and her name has shown up on a number of high profile short lists for lead roles in movies that may or may not actually get produced (The surest sign of success in Hollywood today). But before she becomes a full-blown celebrity, you should really watch her cower in fear as a baby monitor makes scary noises in this trailer for the Norwegian thriller Babycall.

Upon first viewing of the trailer, I got very excited that someone had finally gotten around to making a movie out of the "The Ring-with-baby-monitors" concept that I've been dreaming about ever since that short-lived Japanese horror craze. It turned out most of my excitement was due to the fact that I don't understand Norwegian. This film is actually about an abusive husband stalking Rapace and her eight-year-old child through a baby monitor...or something. Anyway, I say the less you know with this trailer, the better! Also, I suppose it doesn't sound as funny if you speak Norwegian, but I love the title Babycall.

Verdict: Sold

[Via Twitch Film]


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