15 Suggested Titles for the Next James Bond Movie

james-bond-delay.jpgIt looks like James Bond will return after all! At least until the next delay. Assuming, though, that MGM can be taken at its word -- and assuming we're all still around and not sucked into the vortex of an apocalypse in 22 months -- 007 will arrive at theaters on Nov. 9, 2012 with Daniel Craig reprising his role as James Bond for director Sam Mendes. Hooray! The currently untitled film is going by BOND 23, which would be fine if this were a trendy bar and not a movie franchise. Ahead, Movieline offers some foolproof title suggestions.

The Bond Ultimatum

The Floccinaucinihilipilification of Brevity

James Bond: Ghost Protocol


The Hobbit

This One Isn't Written By Paul Haggis

Always Say Never Again

Bond 23-D (in IMAX)

This is For All the Tostitos

Tomorrow Never Opens

James Bond Rises

Ridley Scott Was Unavailable

The Child Support is Not Enough

The Girl with the SPECTRE Tattoo

Developments Are Forever

You know the drill: Leave your own titles in the comments below!


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