Zach Gilford Plays My Favorite Scene: 'I Don't Think They're Going to Remake That Movie'

gilfordfavoritescene225.jpgWe'll have more with the cast of ABC's new medical series Off the Map on Tuesday, but for now, immediately following the show's panel at the TCAs, we grabbed a quick moment with Zach Gilford and played Movieline's favorite parlor game, My Favorite Scene. What did the Friday Night Lights champ say was his favorite film scene ever? Join us for Matt Saracen's full-hearted cinematic moment.

"Oh my God, Braveheart," he sputtered. "The speech before the big war. I was 13 when I saw it, and I really wanted to be Braveheart. But I don't think they're going to remake that movie." Watch the scene in question below.