Watch Glee's Other Asian Get Into a Badass Lightsaber Fight

· If only Glee star Harry Shum Jr. had a lightsaber in his belt when Sue Sylvester infamously labeled him "Other Asian," then perhaps that derogatory nickname wouldn't have stuck for so long. Shum flexes his action star muscles in the new short film Three Minutes, which features the coolest lightsaber duel this side of Darth Maul. Click ahead to watch the NSFW short (a decapitation is involved), marvel at the awesome lightsaber visual effects, and stick around for more Buzz Break.

[via @jonmchu]

· Will this be Inception's Norbit?!? Marion Cotillard is pregnant. [Us]

· From the Department of "Who Knew?": It turns out that Country Strong has a pretty crazy ending. Massive spoilers ahead, but you know you can't help yourself. [Vulture]

· Good news, nobody! Producer Neal Moritz confirms that Colin Farrell will star in the unnecessary Total Recall remake. N.B., I watched five minutes of Michael Mann's woefully misunderstood Miami Vice the other night and was utterly transfixed by Farrell. His mustache, his glower, his mojitos. [Collider]

· About that time ABC News reported Gabrielle Giffords was dead. Whoops! [THR]


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