TCA: ABC Prez is Most Passionate About the New Bachelor Season

womackqlTCA120.jpgToday's ABC's day at the Television Critics Association panels in Pasadena, and aside from semi-grim news for Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters, there's not much to report -- wait, except for president Paul Lee's abject adoration of The Bachelor: "This particular season is going to be delicious and funny and fascinating and sexy in all the right ways. I would personally hold up The Bachelor -- and I take none of the credit for this; this precedes me -- of how you can take a really good idea and own it. And by the way? It still fits into the deeply romantic brand that is ABC. And still is a deeply relevant show. That yearning to find love is still there." Hmm. "Passionate" is one way to describe Jake Pavelka, I guess.