'Sexist Pig' Mel Gibson Sneaks Into Awards Race

gibson_beaver_120.jpgThe Mel Gibson comeback train barrels into 2011 today with word that the troubled actor/filmmaker has earned awards-body recognition. The catch: He's been given the "Sexist Pig Award" from the Alliance of Women Film Journalists, which also recognized more conventional kudos front-runners The Social Network, The Kids Are All Right (including Best Actress winner Annette Bening over Natalie Portman), The King's Speech and True Grit among its films of the year. Congrats to all! [AWFJ]


  • The Winchester says:

    Wait, so the Alliance of Women Film Journalists derided a single individual (whose worst cinematic crime this past year was Edge of Darkness) and yet they reward a movie where the primary female characters consist of sexpots, crazy bitches, heartless bitches and groupies? (Oh, and the lawyer, whose sole contribution comes at the very end consists of the astounding legal insight of "Pay them the money").

  • Get Real says:

    That is a sad and cruel thing to do. They don't know what he was dealing with in his personal life, but they are judging him by bestowing this nasty award as his life falls apart. Shame on these women "journalists".