New MTV Skins Trailer: The Most Raucous 'Reverse Party' Ever

· The newest trailer for MTV's Skins looks and sounds like a Kidz Bop rendition of Fiona Apple's "Criminal" video. Plenty of skin, smoke, and debauchery -- and the kind of makeout party your parents have heard about on the news. [MTV]

· Yikes: Dexter is actually "connected" to a real-life murder. [TMZ]

· The Oscar makeup race is heating up. Barbara Hershey's "Damn this worthless cake!" face took Rick Baker years to perfect. [ONTD]

· Those connected to the Big Brother drug ring face jail time. [PopEater]

· Conclude your rough Monday by saying out loud, "Good for Michael Douglas! You know, he was so underrated in The China Syndrome." [ONTD]