Justin Bieber and Twilight Ink: Your Weekend Horrible Tattoo Round-Up

I'm kind of curious as to what the senior citizens of 2050 are going to look like; tattoos are so ubiquitous now that a large swath of our future elderly will be explaining away their bad tribal bands or how their saggy gray parakeet was originally a screaming American eagle. But lord only knows how the two jokers after the jump will justify their terrible Justin Bieber and Twilight cast tattoos.

bieber tattoo_500.jpgFirst, let's begin with the sparkly vamps. Cathy Ward is 49 and to celebrate her recent weight loss, she had her WHOLE BACK covered in the cast of Twilight. That's right, your Mom got half her torso covered in R-Pattz tats. Cathy has vowed to tone up her stomach even more so she can get Edward Cullen tattooed across it next. God help poor Taylor Lautner's face if Ms. Ward ever takes up Kegel exercises.

bieber tattoo_500.jpg

And then there's some anonymous dingbat found by TMZ who decided to tattoo Justin Bieber's face into his upper thigh. That's right, a portrait of a 16 year-old boy singer --I'm sure meant to be a laff-riot by this scruffy looking neckbeard hipster doofus -- is now permanently embedded on his body. How funny will that joke be in about seven or so years from now, buddy? Best of luck explaining to future friends and lovers that you're not a kid-toucher, you just thought it would be super-hilarious to get a Bieber tattoo. FOREVER.

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  • In that guy's defense, that Bieb tat is pretty funny. And high quality. Good call with the blue background to make it pop.

  • TurdBlossom says:

    2012 can not possibly come soon enough.

  • SunnydaZe says:

    Here is a question which ALWAYS receives the answer "NO!">
    "Wanna see Grandma's full body tattoo?"

  • Annoymous dingbat here! It is me! I'm the guy with the Justin Bieber tattoo. You may think it's awful, but I love it and am insanely stoked off it! Check out my band I Am Cassettes at Facebook.com/IAmCassettesOfficial WE DO JUSTIN BIEBER COVERS!

  • casting couch says:

    Mr. Ward will have a fun time having the Pattz stare back at him during doggie-style "excitement".

  • Anonymous says:

    His band did a cover of a Justin Bieber song, and it was really good. Dude's got a good band, go listen to their stuff. He was in another band on Warped Tour, he's not just some loser looking for attention. He's got talent and a fan base.