Friday Box Office: True Grit's True Staying Power Puts It At Number One

Today we are all cowboys. After two weeks of being the talented bridesmaid to Little Fockers ugly bride, True Grit finally landed on top, winning the Friday night box office. The Ben Stiller joint followed at number two, with Season of the Witch coming in at number three and Country Strong opening wide at a weak number four. Your Friday box office is here.

1. TRUE GRIT: $4,000,000 (99,430,000)

2. LITTLE FOCKERS: $3,600,000 (113,800,000)

3. SEASON OF THE WITCH: $3,600,000 (new)

4. COUNTRY STRONG: $2,600,000 ($2,737,000)

5. TRON:LEGACY: $2,500,000 ($140,500,000)

[Numbers via Deadline]