Movieline's Week in Review: Yup, We're All Gonna Die

Happy New Year! If the week's apocalyptic occurrences are any indication, it might be our last together. The Mayans were close! As such, let's have a browse through the news, notes and happenings that shaped the beginning of the end. Oh, and if we're all still here, drop by tomorrow for more from the celebrated Dixon Gaines. Have a great weekend! (And don't think I don't see you checking out my bottled water stash.)

· Dead animals + Kirk Cameron + Lost + Courtney Love = REPENT YE SINNERS GAHHHHH RUN FOR YOUR LIIIIIIIFE

· Many thanks to our illustrious interviewees, including Guy Pearce, Lesley Manville, Danny Trejo, Fred Armisen, Carson Kressley, Jon Huertas and Verge designee Claire Foy.

· The Oscar Index -- and its corresponding NFL-playoff cheat sheet -- broke down the state of the race.

· The only test more challenging than watching the new Oprah Winfrey Network was... watching Oprah ramble in person.

· Robert De Niro got lucky then, now and in the future.

· We met Phoenix Jones and Ted Williams.

· Days of Thunder was a Bad Movie We Love. Season of the Witch had a ways to go.

· RIP Pete Postlethwaite and a lot of sitcom characters.