Local TV Newscast Debuts America's Homeless Got Talent Segment

· It had to happen eventually: The Ted Williams craze has trickled down to city streets all over America, where you could be stepping over the next undiscovered homeless talent powerhouse. Take this woman from Indianapolis, who'd astoundingly never heard of the golden-voiced Williams ("I was probably asleep in my cubby hole," she says) and croons a few bars of "Amazing Grace" on command for the folks watching at home. Pitchy, dawg. Click through and cringe. [Videogum]


· The Coen brothers have half a mind to remake Guess Who's Coming to Dinner as a "a kind of Gus van Sant shot-by-shot remake," said Ethan. Alas, added Joel: "We haven't found a lot of enthusiasm for that." Pshh. [NYT]

· Can you spot the differences between '90-era Barbie and more recent models? Besides the fact one's headless, that is? [The Hairpin]

· Here you go: "10 Photos Of Natalie Portman Thinking About Food." Don't mention it. [BWE]

· Tiger Woods's 13-year run as a Golf Digest columnist has come to an end. Maybe there's a homeless golf pro out there we can dig up to take over. [VF.com]

· Go Saints! [NFL]