Mad Men's Kiernan Shipka Loves Justin Bieber, But Doesn't Have Bieber Fever

KiernanShipka120.jpgJust hours after AMC announced that Mad Men will probably return for a fifth season, pint-size actress Kiernan Shipka appeared at the winter Television Critics Press Tour to promote her upcoming Hallmark Channel Movie Smooch. Not-so-oddly, the journalists were more interested in talking to Shipka than her co-stars. When asked about her own tween crushes, Shipka enthusiastically answered, "I love Twilight. I like Robert Pattinson. I love Justin Bieber. I don't think I have Bieber fever though. I'm more of a Twilight person." In other Shipka revelations, the actress is not allowed to watch Mad Men, wants to attend Yale, and doesn't think that acting on Mad Men is any different than acting for the Hallmark Channel.


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