Bristol Palin: Not Homeless, But Might Get Radio Career Anyway

Party like radio is relevant again! Hot on the heels of Ted Williams' burgeoning radio -- and film? -- career comes word that 2010 scandal princess Bristol Palin has been offered her own radio show on an adult contemporary mix station is Arizona. What, did someone find Bristol panhandling for change near a median on I-17?

Not exactly. The Dancing with the Stars lightning rod recently purchased a house in Arizona and as a publicity stunt part of the welcome wagon, Mix 96.9 offered her a job. "It is an official offer to a very well known personality, who may be looking for a new career in what will most likely be her new home state," said station program director Ron Price, presumably with a straight face.

If she accepts this wonderful offer, Bristol will be asked to join the morning show opposite Matthew Blades. "I think that Bristol's outlook on life is probably different from mine," Bladies said. "That contrast could be interesting to listen to." Or it could be terrible. One or the other.

Anyway, you can probably see where this story is going to end: With Bristol and Ted Williams teaming up for a radio show! Either that or Daughter Grizzly will start a feud with him, just because.

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