Reward: Burglars Steal State-of-the-Art Camera, Are Now Capable of Making Fantasy Epic

There's a lot of hype surrounding the new Red Epic digital cameras. For one thing, Peter Jackson is planning on using thirty of these bad boys to shoot The Hobbit. Now, the first one that has shipped was immediately stolen! The camera was taken from OffHollywood studio executive Mark Pederson's home in France along with some money and now, Red Executive Jim Jannard is offering $100,000 as a reward for the camera's return. Chances are, these burglars have no idea that they stole such a rare camera, so click below the jump and take a look at the picture. If you see some street peddlers trying to sell this thing for a few thousand dollars, chances are you can buy it and make a profit. That is, if they aren't already using it and the money to make their own fantasy epic to rival The Hobbit.


[Criterion Cast]