Piers Morgan's New Show Will Succeed Because Most Other Media Will Fail

piers120.jpgAt Thursday's TCA press conference in Pasadena, Piers Morgan announced that the first guest on his new CNN show will be OWN sorceress Oprah Winfrey -- and that newspapers won't exist soon. "There will be no newspapers in 20 years. Deal with it," he said, adding that he feels sorry for Scandinavian paper factories that will soon go down in flames. Fine, but he should have assured us that America's Got Talent won't be around in 20 years either. Soften the blow, Piers!


  • Larry Girton says:

    Piers Morgan, so oversold, so hyped that I'm sick of him already. CNN's declining ratings are understandable with such lack of judgement of talent and what the public areally wants. CNN has good talent such as T.J. Holmes, Don Lemon, Brooke Baldwin. Focus on the potential talent of what you have within, don't bring outsiders that irratate rather than entertain. I will not watch the Piers Morgan show!!