Is The Resident Hilary Swank's Norb — Nah, Never Mind

swank_resident_225.jpgRemember those halcyon days following the SAG nominations, when people actually entertained the notion of Hilary Swank sneaking into the Best Actress race? Good thing that's over, because otherwise Swank could have a big, fat, direct-to-DVD problem on her hands: The silly thriller The Resident.

Swank stars as a young(ish; let's be real) doctor who moves into a swanky (groan!) loft right off the J line in Brooklyn. It's beautiful! The landlord looks just like Jeffrey Dean Morgan! What could go wrong?

Well, Christopher Lee lives across the hall, so there's that. Swank also begins to think she's being watched, and she may or may not get dragged through her bathroom mirror, while kicking and screaming. Or maybe it's just a dream! Regardless, Morgan is probably behind it all -- Lee's "vant to suck your blood!" demeanor screams red herring -- not that it matters since there's little-to-no chance you'll add this to your Netflix queue when it hits DVD and Blu-ray on March 29.

VERDICT: Don't wait for the DVD.