Finally: The Jersey Shore/Star Wars Mashup You Were Praying For

one_nation_under_God500.jpg· In case Armond White's critical mashup of Blue Valentine and Jersey Shore wasn't quite your speed, how about Star Wars and Jersey Shore? Greedo the Guido? All right, sorry. J-WOWW the Hutt have just been f*cked up, all right? Click for bigger. [Daily What]

· I'm just guessing, but this is likely the first and last time you'll ever see Greta Gerwig, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Rooney Mara and, uh, BooBoo Stewart on the same list together. [NextMovie]

· Who ever will protect your legacy online after you've died? Haven't thought much about it? These guys sure have. [NYT Magazine]

· Did recent widower John Edwards ask mistress Rielle Hunter to marry him? Yes! Er, probably not! Gahhhh, I can't take the suspensssse... [Enquirer, HuffPo]

· Researchers has reportedly proven that "sniffing women's tears dampens sexual desire in men." Yikes! Guess I'll stop! [Guardian via The Hairpin]

· Is the work below, as per the estimation of one Twitterer, the "best painting ever"? Yeah, pretty much. Click here for bigger (and really, you must). [Twitter]



  • Charles Melvin says:

    The "best painting ever" is what John Boehner thinks about every time he needs to cry on cue.

  • robotbutler says:

    Speaking of Star Wars, in the middle on the far right, barely visible. I think that's the Emperor?