Bill Hader's VW Commercials: Most Hilarious Car Ads Since Bob Seger Retired

Commercials are adorable little movies that need you to care, and on that note, let's enjoy SNL champ Bill Hader's new ads for Volkswagen's 2011 lineup. They're full of Hader's reptilian drollness, making him the most sinister VW spokesman since -- well -- Hitler. Laughs ahead!

Here he claims to own Shakespeare's bones:

Here he employs Auto-Tune like a nerdier T-Pain:

He takes matters into his own hands and rappels into the VW:

He embarrasses his colleague:

He hides in the trunk:

And he even takes a hike:


  • ZombieStrike says:

    Does it come with a warranty? Because it'll break down all the time and cost thousands to fix and it's designed so that you can't even change the fucking headlight yourself without taking it to the dealer.
    But hey, funny commercials for shitty cars!

  • Rachel says:

    Bonus points for using John Mulaney as the voice of Volkswagen on the phone!