Video Evidence of The Fighter's Poetic License Reveals Shocking Lack of Chewing Gum

Much like the fighting style of boxer Micky Ward, The Fighter is one of those Oscar contenders seemingly lying in wait to make its big strike. It doesn't have the box office pedigree of True Grit or The Social Network, and it isn't as critically acclaimed/debated as Inception or Black Swan, but David O. Russell's criminally entertaining return stands as good a chance as any film to garner multiple Oscar nominations and wins (for Christian Bale and either Amy Adams or Melissa Leo). Not bad! But will the fact that the film plays fast and loose with some facts about Ward, his brother Dicky and girlfriend Charlene be detrimental to the campaign?

Probably not. If the fact that Mark Zuckerberg has had the same girlfriend since college didn't slow down The Social Network train, the chances are pretty good that Ward's incorrect boxing record in The Fighter won't get noticed by too many voters. Alas, the same can't be said about Adams' performance, which, as the video below shows, is missing one key piece of character: A wad of chewing gum. Come on, Amy! Where are your Method sensibilities? Alas...

Check out a comparison of The Fighter's climactic bout. Spoilers, obviously, but also a glimpse of Bale's facking colorful Boston accent. So, take your chances?

[via Fandor]