Robert Pattinson Joins Cosmopolis, Alters the Course of American Literature?

pattinsonrememberme.jpgI won't take up more of your time explaining why Cosmopolis is maybe the fifth or sixth most optimal Don DeLillo novel for a screen adaptation by David Cronenberg, but two new developments surrounding the looonnng-gestating project most definitely bear noting. Needless to say, Robert Pattinson's casting as paranoiac, Manhattan-crossing, billionaire-in-the-unmaking Eric Packer is pretty important. But are we ready for the consequences?

To wit, are we ready for the collision of a voracious Twilight saga/Stephenie Meyer readership and the dense, oblique, conspiratorial post-9/11 ravings of arguably America's greatest living novelist? For the record, I'm not saying one can't handle the other -- they're all just books in the end, and Meyer's key demo is nearing college age -- but when the flawed, dated Cosmopolis now flies off the shelf, leaving Twihards to possibly settle for, say, The Body Artist, Libra, Mao II or (please God please God please) White Noise as some kind of clued-in tonal surrogate, are we looking at a new generation of DeLillo readers? To say nothing of new Cronenberg viewers? I don't think the reigning bards of spiritual disaffection and body horror could possibly have had better news from Hollywood today. Relevancy for all!

All of which hinges on whether or not Cronenberg actually makes this thing, which the filmmaker's had in development since at least 2007. Colin Farrell reportedly had to drop out so Pattinson could pick up the part of Packer, a young asset manager whose attempt to cross Manhattan in his opulent limousine (to get a haircut of all things; don't tell the Twihards) is met with financial ruin, sexual crisis, assassination threats, riots, and breaches in his soundproofed vehicle walls. Marion Cotillard and Paul Giamatti have been linked to Cosmopolis in the past as well, but they're not officially confirmed to join Pattinson in the project. We'll see. For now, this happened. There's probably a DeLillo novel in the whole scenario itself.

· Robert Pattinson To Star In David Cronenberg's Cosmopolis [Deadline]


  • HC says:

    hmm my interest is peeked...

  • RealityCheck says:

    The Hollywood Reporter is saying Pattinson has signed, it's a done deal, not in negotiations. Others are saying the reason the project will begin filming in mid-May is because they could finally get the funding with Pattinson's name attached. So I guess time will tell and I'm sure Farrell will talk about why he chose to do the Total Recall remake instead of this project, he's very candid. Frankly, he was getting a bit old for the part anyway, he's 35, not 28.

  • Susan says:

    Good for him, something different. I like Croenenberg’s work, Pattinson will be challenged. He needs that.

  • DebbieCDC says:

    If you could get past your "twilight filter" you JUST might realize that Rob Pattinson is a damn fine young actor and there are a lot of people who think so. Cronenberg is a great director and he wouldn't agree to Pattinson's casting unless HE felt it would work. The teenagers aren't going to be interested in Cosmopolis -- and thank god for that!

  • GD says:

    I doubt Farrell dropped out of the role for Pattinson. Farell is a bankable actor and they could get money without Pattinson's involvment considering the brilliant cast like Marion Cotillard and Paul Giamatti attached to the project as well. There must be a different reason. We may hear about it later.
    I wouldn't worry about mixing and matching Twihards with DeLillo and Cronerbeg fans. Twihards proved that they are not interested in Pattinson's projects beyond Twilight.

  • doug says:

    It's a shame that people honestly want another human being to fail. Twilight definitely sucks, but I hope he proves the nay-sayers wrong. By the way, I actually thought Remember Me was good, and that he gave a solid performance. I will be checking this one out.