Henry's Crime Trailer Assembles a Heist Dream Team of Keanu Reeves, Vera Farmiga and James Caan

Forget Al Pacino or even Bill Murray dressed as a clown, the bank robbery team in Henry's Crime seems like the perfect crew to pull off a huge score. First, you've got Keanu Reeves, who still gets underestimated and dismissed as goofy years after Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. Then there's Vera Farmiga, who has proven both sexy and legitimately tough in films like Up in the Air and Running Scared. And finally, there's James Caan, who's...well, he's James Caan! Unstoppable! That is, unless Reeves turns out to be working undercover, Point Break-style. There are no hints of that in the trailer though.

The hook here is that Keanu Reeves has already served time for a bank robbery he didn't commit. Once he's out, he decides for some reason that he might as well actually rob that same bank now that he's served the time, so he enlists the help of a mastermind he met in jail (Caan) and a woman who hits him with a car (Farmiga).

It all looks breezy and fun, though not particularly memorable, which was more or less what the reviews out of TIFF said . At least Caan and Farmiga are capable of deeper, more hard-hitting material, but everyone looks like they're having a good time here. I'll go ahead and root for them. That bank has no idea what's coming.

Verdict: I'd like to watch this as an in-flight movie.


  • G says:

    No wonder Keanu is sad. He got hit by a car 🙁

  • al says:

    Do I like to watch this as an in-flight movie? yes, but I am ready to buy a cinema ticket as well ... I enjoyed the film very much and recommend it to all who can admit to admire films which are just entertaining, funny in not stupid way and tender (so rarely these times).
    I am glad that actors did not wait for "deeper, more hard-hitting material" (whatever it means) and let us be happy to watch them in this very good comedy (not so shallow or superfical as it may seem)