For Your Consideration: Jackass 3D for Best Picture

Forget True Grit and The Fighter; the folks at Paramount know what kind of movies those Academy-voting Steak Eaters really love. The kind where poop flies and people get hit in the head with dead slimy fish! To complement a press release announcing the March DVD/Blu-ray release of the feces-splattered daredevil docu-film Jackass 3D, the studio debuted their bid for consideration in 11 categories, including Best Picture, Best Director, and Visual Effects. Quentin Tarantino must be pumped!


The craziest thing about this? When you think about it, all that poop and man-sweat and junk-hitting was filmed in stunning 3D cinematography. And just imagine what Johnny Knoxville's merry band of pranksters would do if they got their hands on an Oscar...

[via Collider]