VIDEO: The Japanese Opening Credits for 30 Rock Are Weird

· What else to say about this credit sequence? OK, this: The familiar theme is replaced by song with the lyrics, "We're going all night, yeah, cause it's all right." Whuck? Click ahead to watch this bit of random absurdity and then stick around for more Buzz Break.

[via Vulture]

· Speaking of random, have you seen "James Van Der Memes," a site devoted to Internet memes based on James Van Der Beek's face? Don't worry, it's Funny or Die affiliiated. [James Van Der Memes]

· Betty White will not host SNL again. "I had a great time," White told Zap2it. "But that's it!" Good. [Zap2it]

· Question of the day: Why is V returning to televisions tonight? Didn't we all decide it wasn't a good show? [Vulture]

· Mo'Nique will help announce the Academy Award nominees on Jan. 25. Fun! [Deadline]

· Louis, do you still think Paula Abdul's new dance show is going to be bad? "A contestant on the new CBS talent competition program Live to Dance injured herself during her performance on the show's stage. She fell on her head as she attempted a mid-air turn. The fall will be televised during Live to Dance's series premiere Tuesday night on CBS." Ahem. Probably. [THR/The Live Feed]