Robert De Niro Scores with Monica Bellucci in Trailer for Italian Ages of Love

Passionate kisses! Passionate Italians! Passionate... toupee yanking? It's all here in the teaser trailer for the Italian multi-strand romance Ages of Love, also known as That Movie in Which Bob De Niro Gets It On with Monica Bellucci, which is actually a serendipitously-timed companion piece to the first nude De Niro sexy time video we passed around this week here at Movieline. And if it'll help you forget the violence done unto Bobby D's stiffy at the hands of Ben Stiller in Little Fockers, jump right over to the 0:50 mark to see that it all balanced out in the end for the veteran Oscar-winning actor.

Giovanni Veronesi's Italian-language ensemble pic is the third in the Manuale d'Amore blockbuster franchise -- think Love, Actually, only with lusty Italians and a lot more face-slapping, if the trailer for Ages of Love is any indication. De Niro stars in one of the film's "episodes" as a divorced Art History professor living in Rome who falls for his doorman's daughter (Monica Bellucci). Cue impulsive dancing in the street and restaurant fights! Also: Foot races and cleavage and wine and open-mouthed kisses and a bunch of other Italian actors.

VERDICT: Plan your spring vacay to Europe, because so far Ages of Love is only set for release in Italy Feb. 25. Or, watch the entirety of Sam's Song right now for a fix of that good De Niro loving in the comfort of your own home.

[Via Thompson on Hollywood]