It's Official: Gwyneth Paltrow Hosting SNL with Musical Guest Cee Lo Green

paltrow_120.jpgThis explains all of the "Paltrow to duet with Cee Lo" reports from yesterday: NBC has confirmed to Movieline that Paltrow will host Saturday Night Live on Jan. 15 and, yes, the musical guest is Cee Lo Green. (This news was originally reported as a duet to occur this weekend, which made little sense considering that Jim Carrey is hosting.) And, yes, the smart money would concur that we will see a duet between these two on Cee Lo's smash hit "F*ck You," whose sanitized version Paltrow covered on Glee. [NBC]


  • The Winchester says:

    There's something seriously wrong with the world when we're given yet another opportunity to hear G-Pal sing songs and I, instead, prefer to listen to Coldplay instead.

  • Rosanjin Scholar says:

    Stop shoving Gwyneth Paltrow down our throats, please.