Even Kirk Cameron Isn't Convinced Dead Arkansas Birds Are a Sign of the Apocalypse

kirk-cameron225.jpgPoint of truth: Here at Movieline HQ, we're busy stocking up on batteries and canned goods in the wake of the mass bird and fish deaths that happened in Arkansas over the weekend. (Not to mention the flooding in Australia.) That said, not everyone has worked themselves up into a full blown lather of panic. Just ask born-again Christian Kirk Cameron: "I think it's really kind of silly to kind of equate birds falling out of the sky with some kind of an end-times theory." Wait, even Cameron is making sense? Maybe this really is the end of times.

Appearing with Anderson Cooper on CNN last night, Cameron -- who, unfairly or not, was chosen by Coop as the face of fire and brimstone end-time believers because of his affiliation with the Left Behind series -- discussed the dead birds with a fairly mannered and non-apocalyptic tone.

"Birds falling from the sky? That has more to do with pagan mythology [and not the apocalypse] -- the directions the birds flew told some of the followers of those legends that the gods were either pleased or displeased with them. I think people have a fascination with the religiously mysterious."

Sounds pretty good to me! What doesn't is the stuff at the end about Cameron's newest movie, Monumental, which apparently deals with the pilgrims and "clues" they left for future generations to find the "real treasure of America." The pilgrims were like the aliens in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull?

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  • kevin says:

    Actually the book of revelation discusses birds not pagan mythology as Kirk puts it. Once again some self appointed bible thumper get his facts wrong. As for myths well Kirk believes in some crazy myths taht are in the suppose holy book. lets see a magic garden with 2 magic trees ,with magic fruit , a talking snake, and a god who suppose to be all knowing but not smart enough to knwo the magic snake is going to cause trouble. Thats just the beginning. poor Kirk the pod people finally got him.

  • janelle says:

    i personally know kirk and this is so offensive. he is the nicest guy in the world and his God preaching is none of your buisness!

  • Armand says:

    Kevin, I feel really sorry for you. As for when your day comes and you stand in front God and he ask you to explain those very selected and offense words you used to describe Him. I wonder what you're going to say? Oops, sry I didn't you existed, only if I knew. You're going to one of many laughing stalks on the day of Judgment. And if that is the best answer you can come up with, when God left a word for word, page by page, chapter by chapter manual for how the Human Race should live so that one day they their name will be in the book of Life.
    Here is a little non religious advice. - It's better to be safe, than sorry.

  • justin norton says:

    hi my name is justin i what to know do u thank it will happen agin

  • pogeetalaga says:

    hey kevin! reading from the book of revelation doesn't entitle you to put down another man's observation. there are 'zillions' of people like you who read the bible, but still don't get it! i know because you said, and i quote, "actually the book of revelation discusses birds not pagan mythology...". no, it does not discuss birds it talks about the great babylon! whatever you are, whoever you are i know for a fact you are a foolish man/boy. the bible is not a book that has a "magic garden with 2 magic trees with magic fruit, and a talking snake....". you missed the meaning of the biblical passage you just mentioned. yes, you are one of the 'zillion' bible readers who keep reading the bible and quoting from the bible, but still are not enlightened. here's the deal: God chooses those whom he will bless and enlighten. it appears you are, as in one of kirk's movies, one who's left behind. you are lost dude!

  • Nicole says:

    Justin,this has happened before(a bunch).It hasn't ended the world then,so why would it now?You shoud really watch Glenn Beck(great show).He talked about that eariler today

  • lincoln says:

    you critics laugh all you want,jesus is coming again,get ready i donot know when,but he is coming.

  • Johnathan says:

    Truly many things both significant and unusual are happening as we speak. Patience and Knowledge of fact are the essence of truth of this world. We see but we do not understand, we speak but do not hear. For everything there is a season, I feel the Earth, our home, is speaking to us in it's own way, Yes, I am a Christian, and I have been around long enough to see signs, and to appreciate what is being played out right in front of me. I do not know what tomorrow brings, but I will stand and wait on HIM as he has promised to reveal to any who will ask of HIM, the truth, try it, it does not hurt there is no price to pay unless you count acceptance of LIFE Eternal if you so chose it. I read a fiction book many years ago whose premise was that an all seeing entity took pity on the world and in a jestuer of pure humanity and love provided everyone on earth with a golden key that would give them anything they might desire to be happy. The process was simple, just ask and it will be given, you shall receive no strings attached, except you had to believe. That's GOD for me. So pure and real and understanding of our needs. Read the scriptures and ask for enlightenment, ask GOD to reveal HIS grace and plan for your life. He is so wonderful, just think, HE can whisper ( HUSH BE STILL, and the wind stops, and the oceans become silent). One day this will happen, can you even imagine one day kneeling to pray and HIM not hearing you. This too will happen, HIS HOLY SPIRIT will be called home, and every word you utter will fall silent, He will never here your prayers again for eternity. Right now, You think a prayer and HE knows you, you pray for safe guidance and HE sees you, HE asks one thing in return for HIS LOVE, your love. Love HIM openly, HE created us to commune with HIM, HE must have been kinda lonely that fifth day of the universe, or something like that, Yea I believe HE has HIS finger on the button, and not too far in the distant future, thousands but not thousands of thousands, HE is gonna say "SHOWTIME"..... hope you won't be here to see it. "FOR MAN SHALL SEEK DEATH IN THOSE DAYS AND IT WILL NOT COME."
    For a day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years is as a day to THE LORD. We cannot and are not supposed to comprehend HIS being. Remember look around you, see, feel the connections, nothing is by accident. GOD BLESS YOU, and I hope and pray a bit of this might turn on a light for you, I have written it for some reason, with love from a believer and a father and a husband and a sinner and a friend.

  • God's Child says:

    I think Kevin needs to get his facts straight. God is all knowing and he's not confined to space and time like us humans. He's infinite and so big that you can't fit him into your little box. He's in control. Do you really think God didn't know that man would fall from grace being deccieved by the serpent? He knew we would fall. Spiritual life is a series of learning lessons and uderstanding how and why you were created and who your maker is. God created good and evil for a pursose but those who are pure in heart will get to spend eternity in love with the almighty. If you don't believe it, trust me-one day you will.

  • Del Arizona says:

    Just remember everyone, before we go beating up the guy who is bashing OUR Christian brother....the Bible clearly states that Gods word is foolishness to those that are perishing, there is a Godless place for Godless people and it's called HELL! they don't have to belive in it all they have to do is die. So rejoice that we will be spared from this place, and pray that those that are lost be foundm but it's ALWAYS our choice, that why he gave us free will, He's not going to force anyone to accept Him, but He loves us and because He loves us, He wishes that one persish (go to hell) , So if you end up there it's because you chose too...Hell is just that, and I want no part of it...if you want a glismp check out a book.DVD called 23 minutes in Hell...where a man had an out of body exprience and God took him to hell.

  • Grandmother M. says:

    Thank you, Johnathan, I needed that.

  • tampa says:

    I am not the best Christian ,but I try to be ! I believe in our creator God ,and that he will come back one day to claim his own > And i certainly hope to be among them.When god Created Adam ,and Eve he gave them ,as he do us freedom to choose ,It will be our choice where we go! We dont have to be perfect ,he has said in his word ,we all have sinned and come short of his glory .We can only do our best,and only him knowes if it is .Kirk is spreading his word .I can only imagine the face of those unbelievers on that great day .God bless all of you.

  • keith says:

    Kevin I pray that My God would have mercy on your soul and redeem you from the pit of hell before its too late. Jesus Christ died on the cross and rose again from the grave for our sins... i prayed for you, because we were all enemies of God at one time, and I know that if He saved me (A WRETCHED SINNER) He can also save you. Cry out to Him and beg for forgiven before its too late! Except a man be born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God. John 3:3 Oh and by the way Birds wont fall from the sky, but they will eat the flesh of men during the Great Tribulation... Revelation 19Vs 17&18

  • robert says:

    every generation every all over the world has thought they would see the end of times and they will when God see's it is time i think we are living in the end of times but this has happened before and only God knows but it is a sign so be ready and leave Kirt alone to belive what he wants to

  • Chris says:

    Quacks...following a Quack leader! The fact is, anyone can interpret a book (such as the Bible) to support their own conclusions. "....the Bible clearly states that Gods word is foolishness to those that are perishing, there is a Godless place for Godless people and it's called HELL! they don't have to belive in it all they have to do is die." Sounds like a dictator to me -- "Believe in my words or else....". Of course "...God is all knowing and he's not confined to space and time like us humans," is a perfectly good way of saying, "I am a drone who runs my life based on a book of primitive ideals, by a primitive people, using primitive scripture with loose primitive fantasy." Jesus is not coming in any other form than some other quack (worse than Kirk Cameron) who will get the rest of you to believe that he is Jesus reincarnate. It is awfully convenient for Jesus to "rise again" when God himself/herself has yet to show his/her face. Come on people...you have to start having faith in something tangible.

  • Chris says:

    Sounds like a loving "God" to me..."believe in me, or else you are going to Hell."

  • Chris says:

    Its our business when he goes online preaching "the word" when he goes on CNN telling the world why he thinks it is not the end. This guy is a quack.

  • Cynthia says:

    @CHRIS I pray for you because you ARE perishing! You believe GODS WORD is foolishness. God does not condemn people to Hell. It is man's SIN that condemns him to Hell. God is LOVE. He sent His only SON JESUS here to die for man's sin. Since you like reading the Bible I challenge you to read John 3:16. I hope you receive God's gift of Salvation before it is too late. To believe in something "tangible" is NOT faith. Faith is believing in what is NOT "tangible". If you were drowning and someone were handing you a lifesaver, would you call the person handing you a lifesaver a dictator?? No one is perfect, not even Christians. Only God is perfect! Whether you believe now or when you stand before HIM is up to you. The Bible also says EVERY KNEE SHALL BOW AND EVERY TONGUE SHALL CONFESS THAT JESUS CHRIST IS LORD!! So you should ask yourself do I grab the lifesaver and believe now and go to Heaven or do I do nothing and just die and go to Hell? This may be your last chance. God LOVES us. While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us!
    As for those who are bashing Kirk, please stop. He is a good man of God. Birds falling from the sky are not a sign of the end times. Please study God's Word. Apostacy IS a sign of the end times. May God Bless and Keep you All!!