Quentin Tarantino vs. Stephen King: Who Has a More Baffling Year-End Movie List?

As mentioned in Broadsheet, Quentin Tarantino released his of 20 favorite films from 2010 over the weekend, and Toy Story 3 grabbed the top honor. It was followed by The Social Network, Animal Kingdom, I Am Love and Tangled. So, eclectic. But how does QT's list compare to famed author Stephen King's top-ten? Let's investigate.

Quentin Tarantino's Year-End List

1. Toy Story 3

2. The Social Network

3. Animal Kingdom

4. I Am Love

5. Tangled

6. True Grit

7. The Town

8. Greenberg

9. Cyrus

10. Enter The Void ("Hands down best credit scene of the year ... Maybe best credit scene of the decade. One of the greatest in cinema history." -- QT)

11. Kick-Ass

12. Knight and Day

13. Get Him To The Greek

14. The Fighter

15. The King's Speech

16. The Kids Are All Right

17. How To Train Your Dragon

18. Robin Hood

19. Amer

20. Jackass 3-D

Stephen King's Year-End List

1. Let Me In

2. The Town

3. Inception

4. The Social Network

5. Takers

6. Kick-Ass

7. Splice

8. Monsters

9. Jackass 3-D

10. Green Zone

Four films overlap -- The Social Network, The Town, Kick-Ass and Jackass 3-D -- and both leave off a beloved summer film (Inception for Tarantino, Toy Story 3 for King) in favor of a not-so-beloved summer film (Knight and Day for Tarantino, Takers for King). Otherwise, neither list is that bad. OK, sure, Tarantino might get mocked for his inclusion of something like Tangled, but he does have seven potential Best Picture nominees among his 20. King only has three -- and skirts heavily toward genre fare -- but his top-4 films received rave reviews, and...well, at least Armond White liked Takers? Advantage Tarantino, but barely...


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  • The Winchester says:

    Piranha 3D is the greatest movie since Rambo.
    Both men are fools for failing to recognize this.

  • The Winchester says:

    PS- Mr. Tarantino, I want my money back for Somewhere. I went solely because your jury awarded it an award over Black Swan, and now that's not even on the runners up?
    If I wanted nothing to happen for 99 minutes, I wouldn't pay $27 for it. I can get that staring at a wall at home for at least half the price.

  • Nerd says:

    I disagree with you about the quality of the film, but QT needs to explain this one. How cold he give it the top prize in Venice and then not even include it on this list? WTF?

  • KevyB says:

    Tangled was cute and all, but there is no way it should be higher than How to Train Your Dragon, Despicable Me or Megamind. And mega-minus points for Stephen King's choice of Splice, the most predictable, least scary horror movie this year. And Jackass 3-D on both lists? This was easily the weakest Jackass of the trio. But for the most part, not horrible lists.
    Then again, what else is going to appear on these lists? It's not like there were more than 20 really good movies this year.

  • xuc says:

    The favorite films of two untalented hacks - how insignificant.

  • tejay500 says:

    anybody know what QT's movie #19 is? Never heard of it and searching Rotten and google found nothing.

  • Meta Byron says:

    #19 would be The American, maybe? That's the closest thing I could think of.