Live Blogging the Recently Released Captain America Footage

Finally! I've been patiently waiting for any officially released footage from Captain America: The First Avenger from the day it was announced; Green Lantern only comes out one month before Captain America and I feel that I've already seen half the film. Well, as you may have heard, today is that special day as the early footage of Captain America is heating up the Internet in the form of a promo for a promo that will air on Wednesday's installment of Entertainment Tonight. In celebration, I've decided that I will live blog the footage, a la Harry Potter, so I can get my initial reactions down. All right, I've just downed two Coke Zero's in preparation, so...let's do this!

3:40:15 p.m.: All right, it's Captain America! With a large group following him in a warehouse. This is a guy looking for some action if I've ever seen one!

3:40:16 p.m.: Are you ready for your close up, Mr. Evans? There he is, Captain America, wearing goggles on his helmet. Just in case he needs them for, say, riding his motorcycle, which, I assume will be a very exciting scene. Also, you can see the neckline of his blue suit. Exciting! And, look, no "bacon neck." I assume that Hanes had a hand in making his costume.

3:40:17 p.m.: Chis Evans' head just swayed from the right side of the screen to the left side of the screen. It's hard to tell from the closeup camera angle, but it appears that he just took a step forward.

3:40:18 p.m.: Bam! A totally different angle. Captain America looks so forlorn, what possible could he be thinking? I'm sure it's about a great battle that he was just involved in. I can only imagine how exciting these memories must be.

3:40:19 p.m.: OK, now the footage has morphed into a still photo that I've seen quite a few times. I have to admit that so far, even though I'm trying to put on a brave face, I've been flirting with disappointment about this new footage.

3:40:20 p.m.: I see what they're doing: if they zoom in on the still photo, it looks like it's almost a moving image. The only question is... how far do they dare zoom?!

3:40:21 p.m.: Woah! I'll say this about the new Captain America footage, Entertainment Tonight is NOT AT ALL shy about zooming all the way on Chris Evans' face. I mean, yeah, they nailed that zoom.

Well, there you have it. Who knew such a delightful treat would be waiting for us as we all returned to our jobs today. I hope that you enjoyed the footage as much as I did live blogging it.