Help Caption the First Image of Simon Pegg on the Set of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Even the most cynical among us are probably looking forward to seeing what Brad Bird can do with Tom Cruise and Jeremy Renner in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol come next December. Can the Pixar genius help resurrect Cruise's career in ways that don't involve Les Grossman? Will Renner provide enough star wattage to carry on the franchise himself? Will Tom Cruise affect a Russian accent at any time during the film to coincide with this uniform? What will Simon Pegg be doing? Regarding that last one, the Paul star posted a picture to his Twitter feed that might help answer that query.


He'll hold something! Or, if that isn't Pegg's left hand, someone will! Exciting. What could this mean? Feel free to caption away in the comments below. Bear in mind, this is the Monday following a long holiday weekend, so the more punchy and silly your thoughts, the better.

[via @simonpegg]