VIDEO: And Now, Samuel L. Jackson Will Say 'Motherf*cker' 100 Times

· To close out this wondrous week, let's settle back with a video collection of Samuel L. Jackson's best moments in yelling the word "motherf*cker" on screen. Bring a hanky -- for the blood that will come shooting out of your head. [YouTube]

· Oh, dammit: Some plagiarism snuck onto ESPN. [NYT]

· When you see Melissa Leo in a kickass movie still (like in this one for Red State), don't you feel like your years of watching Homicide: Life on the Street paid off? Somehow? Because you think that way? [/Film]

· Oprah's new network announced the contestants for Your OWN Show: Oprah's Search for the Next TV Star. [PopEater]

· Finally, a moment of hope for 2011: Snooki wants you to know her New Year's plans are still on. [ONTD]