Original Space Jam Website Found Tragically Intact

· I'd like to welcome you back to the Space Jam: The 1996 Michael Jordan movie's original Web site was found fully intact on these jaded millennial superhighways. Somewhere, a hard-faced Lola Bunny looks back on her youth with scorn. [/Film]

· The Oscar for Best Original Screenplay may seen like a Sorkin slam dunk, but the melange of potential nominees is interesting. [Deadline]

· We can all agree that Tom Felton is the Harry Potter series's finest specimen, right? Great. Here is visiting the Wizarding World of that friend of his. [ONTD]

· Darren Criss fix of the day: He has Filipino roots!! [ONTD]

· Tucker Carlson wants Michael Vick dead. Happy no-news Wednesday. [TMZ]