Natalie Portman Loses Her Thong in Green-Band Trailer for Your Highness

As if on cue, Universal has released a new trailer for Your Highness, the medieval stoner comedy from David Gordon Green starring likely Oscar nominees Natalie Portman and James Franco. Let's just get this out of the way pre-jump: Norbit, Norbit, Norbit, Norbit. Outstanding! Now onto the trailer.

Free from all the foul language, drug references and Natalie Portman butt shots that the original red-band trailer supplied in excess -- Portman's creek-side strip down includes a pair of briefs instead of a thong -- Your Highness looks like the type of silly comedy that you wouldn't give a passing thought to if it didn't star Franco, Portman and Danny McBride. That it does -- and that it comes with an R-rating -- means we'll all rush out and see Your Highness on opening weekend. Still, considering this is part of the brain trust that helped create Pineapple Express, shouldn't everything be funnier? At least funnier than "suck it!" jokes about poisonous venom.

VERDICT: Hopefully the funniest parts aren't in the trailer.


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