Stranger than Fiction: The 10 Best James Franco Stories of 2010

It seemed that almost every week of this year brought another head-scratching or mind-blowing story involving James Franco. Thankfully, unlike many rumors that emerged from the wasteland of internet news in 2010, the facts about Franco were always more fascinating than the myths. Actually, there were so many jaw-dropping stories in succession that there wasn't much time to make up rumors. So join Movieline as we look back at the top ten stories involving the quotable, unpredictable actor who somehow managed to keep topping himself through the end of the year.

10. Co-Hosting the Oscars

Might as well get this one out of the way here. News of Franco co-hosting the Oscars with Anne Hathaway was first met with confusion and disbelief, then cautious optimism and speculation about the Generation-Y appeal of the decision. Oh yes, and then a little more confusion. Meanwhile, Franco is still hanging out on the Movieline Oscar Index for his harrowing performance in 127 Hours. Which brings us to...

9. Making People Faint

Movieline kept close tabs on the numerous people who fainted (or almost fainted) during the mountain-side amputation glory of 127 Hours, including one detailed personal account. Sure, part of it was due to the content and to Danny Boyle's filmmaking, but if the Guiness Book of World Records has an section for "Actor Who Has Inspired the Most Fainting," Franco probably has it in the bag. Congratulations!

8. Adventures in Academia

While keeping the entertainment press and the masses on their toes, Franco was also studying at NYU. He said he made good marks in all of his classes except for...acting. Brilliant. Maybe he will have better luck when he heads to Yale. Oh, and for the record, he wasn't required to attend at that one lecture where he fell asleep.

7. Rebel Without a Cause Revisited

Franco optioned to the rights to the biography of Sal Mineo, who played opposite James Dean in Nicholas Ray's Rebel Without a Cause. Franco already played Dean once in the 2001 TV movie, but the first trade announcement said he plans only to potentially write and direct this film. Then it noted that while he doesn't plan to star, that could change. Right. Given his track record, try not to be surprised next year if you read a headline along the lines of: "James Franco to play Sal Mineo and James Dean in New Biopic."

6. General Hospital Revisited

Franco just seemed to get crazier and crazier on his role in the daytime soap opera General Hospital. Then after taking his character arc to its wacky conclusion in front of a live audience, he announced that he'd be back.

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  • troydyer says:

    Franco sent his assistants to class at NYU and Columbia in order to work on that soap. He didn't do a STITCH of work on his own and rarely was in class to participate. He is the exact kind of student these Ivy League schools lap up: rich and stupid. He got to bypass all of the every day things like going to class that all of his peers were forced to do. He's not Mr. Popularity on either campus, to be sure.

  • PaperlessWriter says:

    Nothing here as crazy nuts as I feared. Still, these kinds of articles are the reason I love Movieline.

  • Mary says:

    Very witty article-it reads like a hilarious list of events/shenanigans for a character in a novel, but it's real! (which gives me an idea..)

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