The 13 Most Anticipated Movies and TV Shows of 2011 -- Dixon's Picks

As 2010 wends its way to its eternal pasture, we can reflect on the movies and television we so hotly anticipated back in the early suckling days of this year. Some, like Toy Story 3 and The Walking Dead, turned out even better than we had hoped. Others, well, others were Alice in Wonderland. But like Charlie Brown, we can't help but line up in front of the football again and again, each year, because maybe this time will be different. Here are my picks for the 13 Most Anticipated Movies and TV Shows of 2011.


Simon Cowell's new TV venture has a lot riding on it. Will people really watch two very similar talent shows? Will it outperform American Idol? Will Paula be there? Either on the panel or wandering around the parking lot in a ether-soaked daze, I mean.


MTV imported this bleeding-edge teens-behaving-badly show from the UK where they can freely curse, drink, drug and screw their limey brains out on TV. But MTV has to deal with the hordes of American busybodies and schoolmarms who flipped their collective shit when they saw a split second of a black nipple. Can MTV produce a show that's true to the raw teenage experience while still selling ads for Coca-Cola and XBox?


And its kissing cousin in filthy behavior is Shameless, another Brit import, which follows the Gallaghers, a dirt-poor family that shows the Bundys what it's really like to be a dysfunctional family that nevertheless loves each other. The original launched James McAvoy's career, and the American version has the advantage of both being on Showtime (swear away, bitches!) and having some real acting firepower in the form of William H. Macy and Joan Cusack.

Parks and Recreation

The Amy Poehler-led mockumentary was MIA for the Fall season but is off the bench come January 20th. Combined with 30 Rock, the Office and Community, NBC's Thursday night is trying to re-establish itself as the premiere place for laffs. I'll just be happy to get some Pawnee-love back in my life.

Game of Thrones

The Pacific and Rome showed that HBO handles big-screen style spectacle just as well the more mundane adventures of city-bound shopaholics. But in Game of Thrones, HBO takes on a beloved fantasy epic that's equal parts Sopranos and Lord of the Rings. But if there's a network that's equal to the challenge, it's HBO. Well, maybe also Showtime. Probably AMC, too. But HBO's still good!


Much like his fellow Friend Lisa Kudrow's The Comeback, Matt LeBlanc's new show spotlghts the absurdity of Hollywood and how hard it is to get your concept past the guardians of middle-of-the-road mushheaded network executives. But extra points for LeBlanc to playing himself, desperately scratching around for his own comeback.

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  • epochd says:

    Can't wait for the muppets! but anytime you have scorsese testing out a genre for a one-off its rarely worth revisiting (new york, new york, age of innocence, kundun, anyone? how about gangs of new york?) he does what he does well. a 3d kids movie. i'm sure it will be interesting ... for about an act and a half.

  • G says:

    Are people still looking forward to super hero movies?

  • Brian says:

    How dare you bash Gangs of New York! I want an explanation as to your dislike of Gangs of New York.

  • KevyB says:

    Well, how about the fact that Gangs of New York was a bloated mess with a dreadful script? Even critics who gave it favorable reviews called it "messy" or "flawed". I figure when it comes to certain directors who are critic bait (Scorsese, the Coen brothers, Coppola, Spielberg...), you take the Metacritic score and subtract 20, which is what those critics would've given it if it had been directed by Joe Schmoe. Though, heaven forbid anybody should have a differing opinion!
    But I have a similar opinion about Captain America... who cares about superhero movies anymore? Nobody bothered to see Kick-Ass or Scott Pilgrim Vs the World, the two BEST superhero movies of the year, and everyone ran off to see Iron Man 2, which was horrible. So Hollywood is just going to keep trotting out the same story over and over again until everyone gets sick of it. Which could happen next year with Marvel putting out about 438,038,389 superhero movies. And Green Hornet is going to suuuuuuck, Michel Gondry or no Michel Gondry. Seth Rogen has very little charisma outside his usual stoner characters, the plot looks like a remake of the first Iron Man, and when has a big tentpole movie ever been released in January?? This was originally supposed to be released in June 2010... no wait, July 2010... no wait December... wait, we need a whole three extra weeks to make this 3D (yeah, right... more like rewrites and reshoots). The January date tells me that they're hoping for absolutely NO competition so they can at least make some money off it. Otherwise they would've released this in the December slot and moved Yogi Bear to January, because there is a lot more kiddie competition out there in December.

  • Michelle says:

    I'm sorry I don't know what high school looked like for you but if SKINS is the "raw teenage experience" than you must have had a much more exciting experience than me! Looks like more over dramatized MTV reality to me...

  • wait wut says:

    ...why does it matter that the nipple is black?

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