Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon Join the Circus in the Water For Elephants Trailer

While the Water For Elephants trailer certainly doesn't skimp on the elephants, it's oddly lacking in clowns, lion tamers and all of the other outcasts and oddities that make the circus so fascinating. I suppose that seeing Robert Patinson and Reese Witherspoon hang out with an elephant is almost as interesting, but still, if Hollywood is going to go to the circus, it'd be nice if they went all the way.

But yes, its insuppressible romance under the big top between Witherspoon and Pattinson, with the jealous Christoph Waltz doing his damndest to suppress it. An elephant hangs out in the background for most of the movie and sometimes the two leads rest their head on it or pet it. I'm betting they also bring it water, unless that's a metaphor.

It really is a likable trailer: The production design and cinematography look great, the actors look great; hell, even that elephant looks pretty sharp. And with Sara Gruen's much-loved best seller as the source material, it initially seems like an an unstoppable package. But, part of the romance of the circus is the dirt and the jagged edges, neither of which are present in this glossed-over trailer. The book supposedly features supporting characters like a dwarf named Kinko and an old man named Camel who can't move his arms, but I didn't see them in the trailer. Here's hoping that they're in the film because everyone here looks like they could just as easily be in The Great Gastby.

Verdict: Still holding out for the U.S. release of The Last Circus.


  • Anon says:

    WITW do you think the utility is in your reviewing a trailer for a movie you know NOTHING about, Mr. Clark?? Kinko and Camel DO appear in the trailer (the poker scene), and the latter can't move his LEGS (not arms). It makes you look foolish and makes me scratch my head at such laziness.

  • kelly says:

    its just a teaser trailer. i read the script and everything ugly about a circus is in the movie. plus like anon said camel and kinko are there in the trailer, they just dont say anything.

  • Brian Clark says:

    That's great to hear, thanks. I would actually really like this movie to be good. I watched the trailer again - by "poker scene" are you both referring to the half second Christoph Waltz title card shot? It really doesn't change my overall point that this is the most glossed-over circus I've ever seen, at least judging from this teaser. Also, according to Wikipedia, Camel can't move his arms or legs, so we both win (or lose?). As I implied in the write up, I have not read this book, so I don't have more than that to go on right now.

  • Kelly says:

    IF you read the book and IF you watched the trailer closely you would have seen both Kinko and Camel in the trailer... there is a shot just before the train enters a tunnel where Jacob is playing cards with them. IF you were aware of the casting you would know the characters in the trailer...
    Why don't you READ THE BOOK... and not rely on " Wikipedia".. if you had read the book you would know that Camel does not have the affliction through the entire story.. you would also know why he ends up not able to move his arms..
    I'm a little surprised that you would have such a harsh opinion of something you seem to know very little about. It's a really wonderful book... Read it.. perhaps then you would be able to appreciate the trailer.

  • nikki says:

    It's a teaser trailer, focused on the three leads and the supposed love triangle. And of course they showed Rosie, the elephant. But we know from the time when WTF was filmed that other animals are involved and also other characters as the clowns, the fat lady and so on. I like it that they don't show them yet, I don't want to see too much. Let's wait until april. I think this will be a very beautiful movie with great actors.

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