Topher Grace Can't Hardly Wait in the Take Me Home Tonight Trailer

Well, if nothing else, maybe Take Me Home Tonight will go down as the death rattle for the 80s nostalgia coming-of-age film. It's set in 1988, so I suppose maybe we'll see one in a few years set in 1989, but based on this trailer, I'd say it's about time to move on. It's actually bizarre how comfortable the marketing for this film seems with every single overused last-great-party-of-youth cliche known to man. That said, the film does have one secret weapon, and as with Yogi Bear trailer, it's extremely under-utilized here.

That weapon is Anna Faris, who has proved in Gregg Araki's Smiley Face and the surprisingly charming House Bunny that she's one of the funniest, most talented actresses working in comedy. She has the funniest dialogue in this trailer, but then mostly disappears after that. Instead we get Topher Grace doing the self-deprecating thing and Dan Fogler doing the outrageous fat sidekick thing. They go to a huge party. Wacky hijinx ensue. Grace crushes on a hot girl from school. And then, right as the DJ spins Eddie Money's unforgettable hit, they all find themselves. The end.

Verdict: Pass.


  • metroville says:

    I was about to guess "Anna Faris" but--just before I clicked through--I I foolishly doubled down to cover "3-D cartoon animal/live action humans staged bestiality".
    My bookie doesn't want me visiting this website anymore.

  • JeanMachine says:

    Honestly, to me this plays like the kind of movie I usually miss in theaters and then kick myself over later. I guess I see the familiarity of the premise, but isn't that just correctly filling the genre conventions? Bottom line, this looks fun, and maybe it's just because it's awards season and everything else is boring the shit out of me lately, but I'm sold on this one.

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