Talkin' 'Bout My Generation: The 10 Biggest Television Fails of the Year

When you think of big time television fails of 2009, your first thought is likely The Jay Leno Show. A year later, Movieline reviews ten more small screen failures -- including the most heartbreaking television cancellations and most horrifying cleavage on Sesame Street -- as we approach the end of the calendar year. Enjoy, and feel free to contribute your own suggestions ahead.

Bridalplasty200.jpg1. Lee DeWyze Winning American Idol

The ninth season of Fox's reality competition juggernaut wasn't just disappointing for judging reasons, but because America crowned Lee DeWyze -- a former paint salesman with Cat Stevens lyrics tattooed on his arm and the word "mediocrity" tattooed on his heart (I haven't seen it but I know it's there) -- as their Idol winner. Sadly, Siobhan Magnus, Didi Benami, and Casey James and Crystal Bowersox -- bad teeth, Type 1 diabetes and all -- would have been more deserving choices.

Bridalplasty200.jpg2. The Cancellation of Party Down

Despite prayers from fans -- and Twitter campaigns from cast members -- Starz pulled the plug on the beloved-but-barely-watched series after its second season, and an unsatisfying season series finale. That heartbreaking news came after Lizzy Caplan abandoned a CBS pilot to stay loyal to her on-screen catering crew was only salt in the wound. Though, maybe Ken Marino, Ryan Hansen and Martin Starr have a shot at being cast in Ben Silverman's thinly-veiled rip-off of the series, Party People. Or even better -- maybe Lizzy Caplan will make good on her promise to do a Party Down movie for free. At least one Rob Thomas series should get a happy big screen ending, right?

Bridalplasty200.jpg3. The Cancellation of Fox's Lone Star

It may have been a smart business decision for Fox to pull the plug on its freshman series Lonestar -- about a baby-faced Texas con man (James Wolk, available for casting) -- after a few weeks of sadly low ratings. But for the sake of television -- as art, worthwhile entertainment or a medium for original story-telling -- didn't we all deserve a few more weeks of arguably the best drama to debut this fall? Especially when the network hosting said series airs three Gordon Ramsay reality shows? Apparently not. Fox ignored Lone Star creator Kyle Killen's open plea (as well as Movieline's campaign to save our favorite shirtless leading man) and executed Bob Allen. Rest in peace.

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  • Ted says:

    Sorry Ms Miller, but your post should have been titled "Television's One Big Fail and Nine Unremarkable Decisions A Few Of Us Didn't Like."

  • Yabby says:

    I consider it a 'win' anytime that hack singer Perry is pulled off the airwaves.

  • Chris Ford says:

    I don't think Lee Dewyze was the best winner ever, but his personal style of music and studio product is light years better than his "live" performing. The problem with the other contestents? Crystal is coffee shop retro, but a fine artist who will get a good, but small niche following. Casey wasn't much of a singer, and it seems the depth of his ambition is a "bar band upgrade" to a better payday where he is featured at what he is really good at - lead guitar and looking fine. I liked Didi Benami but she has a thin voice, narrow range. Michael Lynche is a 300 lb falsetto singing "soul-love" merchant and no one wants to buy.
    The two best singing talents, IMO, Aaron Kelly and Siobhan Magnus were simply NOT ready when they competed. Both have remarkable voices but need polishing. Their range and power actually makes it harder to sing errorless and gloss over weaknesses than someone that sings in a narrow range.
    Aaron at 16 is actually more set in his path than poor Siobhan at 20 - who is resisting being in a music niche and has film, stage, art, and graphics talent and interests. The next 4 years will find Aaron and Siobhan growing by leaps and bounds. Both have great futures as performers, IMO.

  • SunnydaZe says:

    Parks and Recreations being removed from the air so Community would seem better without the comparison. Oh, and the fact that this plan.

  • SunnydaZe says:

    ...worked. I accidentally hit submit with my thumb.

  • Blake says:

    Well you may think that Lee Dewyze was nothing special but that did not stop the Cook fans for going on the attack. Anyone getting more ink than their guy becomes an instant and constant target.

  • Nathan says:

    Funny that anyone would still use those stale arguments of niche artist or bar singer. Especially when Crystal is now in line to sell more albums then Lee, obviously Lee was more of a niche artist then her seeing as he isn't able to sell more albums, and Casey James has been signed by Sony Nashville, obviously Sony see something more then a bar singer. He will most likely also sell more albums then Lee.

  • Jack Frost says:

    1. Parks and Rec was pulled off because its ratings weren't that good.
    2. Parks and Rec was pulled off to make room for the atrocious Outsourced, which NBC thinks will be a hit.
    3. Community is just as good as Parks and Rec.
    4. Community is awesome.

  • Cait says:

    I would add The Good Guys being moved to the friday night dumping ground and then canceled as a very big fail. And then fox failing to move it over to FX as an even bigger one.

  • truhseeker says:

    How is Palin a fail when she nearly won you dumb left wing nut?
    Go back in your hole you agenda pushing dolt

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