Another Year Director Mike Leigh on Golden Globes Snub: 'We're Not Trappist Monks Up a Mountain'

The Golden Globe nominations were the usual melange of oddities and head-shakers, but one snub has many prognosticators grumbling: Where was the love for Mike Leigh's Another Year? Remember: The Golden Globes thrust Sally Hawkins into the limelight after awarding her Best Actress in 2008 for her performance in Leigh's Happy-Go-Lucky. This year, even though Another Year's Lesley Manville just took hope the top prize at the National Board of Review awards, Leigh's critically adored film -- a story about a seemingly happy married couple that is surrounded by sorrowful personalities -- was shut out of the nominations altogether. Was Leigh outraged over his film's exclusion from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association party?

Not really. "To be honest, I've been busy all afternoon so I actually only know that we didn't get any nominations," admitted Leigh to Movieline this afternoon. "I have no idea what the other nominations were -- I'll find out later, you don't have to waste time telling me now." (Noted, but they are here if you want them.)

"I'm philosophical about these things," he continued. "If you get nominations, or, indeed, if you get awards, our peers are respecting what we do. And that's great. And we do make movies, we are in showbiz; we're not Trappist monks up a mountain. A lot of people are involved in making a film, so it's good for everybody. But, on the other hand, if you don't get them, you don't get them. In the end, ultimately, we're making films for audiences to experience. That's what it's about."

What it's not about, apparently, is making super hero films, something I learned first hand from Leigh during our chat. Check back here next week for more from Leigh on Another Year and the chances of him directing a franchise film. (Hint: Slim-to-never.)

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