Tim Burton's Never-Used Superman Disco Suit

burton_superman_500.jpgWith each discarded storyboard and never-used concept art, I think we as a viewing public realize what kind of horrific bullet we dodged when Tim Burton's Superman reboot died on the operating table. Well, even more evidence of the crazy, Nicolas Cage-starring clusterf*ck that would've been Superman Lives has emerged and it's a doozy.

burton_superman_500.jpgI'm sure there's a semi-compelling plot reason for these various suits, but frankly they all look like they belong on cater-waiters at Elton John's Christmas party. I think Lady Gaga refused to wear them, saying "Eh, too gaudy for me." I'm telling you folks, these suits are so gay, I expect a Republican senator to be found wearing one of them at a truck stop outside of Dubuque any day now.

They're just very odd looking, is what I'm trying to say. [Steve Johnson Effects]