TVLINE Grows Up and Leaves the Nest

NEWBIGHEARTMOVIELINE.jpgAs sorry as we are here at Movieline HQ to see TVLine go, we're thrilled to announce that it's not going far (just past the porch, really), and it'll be in expert hands. Our pal, celebrity TV reporter/editor Michael Ausiello (you know that adorable smirk from the pages of EW) will be the Editor in Chief, and he's scooped up an all-star cast to help him out: Matt Webb Mitovich from TV Guide, Michael Slezak also from EW and Megan Masters from E! Online.

And just to be clear, our crack team of writers and editors will continue to cover the TV stories that make sense for Movieline. For the full story, check out the press release after the jump.

TVLINE Press Release Slezak Masters (Distribution).pdf


  • tomandjerry says:

    Nice get! Slezak rocks, he is such a huge talent and constantly makes me LOL. Big loss for EW ... you going to steal Dalton Ross too?

  • sosgemini says:

    Don't get the love for Slezak at all. He makes everything about himself. And EW would improve ten-fold without Ross. BTW: There seems to be a whole lot of money being spent on new online entertainment journalism. Surely this spending spree will bust soon. There's like 10 sites dedicated to the Oscar season alone. Overkill!!!

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